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Price: EUR 1'900 per pilot

Airline Flight Academy Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is designed to ensure a smooth transition from the previous experience of flying of a single pilot piston engine aircraft to the very first type rating on a heavy jet. The course is conducted by experienced airline instructors on our brand-new Boeing 737 MAX or Airbus A320 Flight Simulators

The course layout:

  • One day theoretical classroom training

  • Two days of simulator training

Theoretical Training

  • Aerodynamics for High Speed

  • High Altitude Environment

  • Jet Engines

  • Operational Part

  • Performance and Limitations

  • Systems and Automation

Simulator Training

  • Normal Procedures

  • Maneuvering and Aircraft Controllability

  • ILS Approach

  • Warning Systems

  • One Engine Inoperative Introduction

  • In-flight Engine Start

  • Go-around 

Prerequisites to apply for JOC:

  • Valid EASA CPL(A)

  • Valid ME/IR(A)

  • ICAO English Level 4

  • MCC and UPRT certificates is not required

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