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Price: EUR 695 per pilot

The Simulator Assessment Preparation training is designed to prepare students for their upcoming job interview with any of our partner airlines, including Ryanair and Lauda. Our instructors have a vast knowledge of the latest assessment profiles used by partner airlines. Training is being performed on the brand-new Boeing 737 MAX or Airbus A320 Flight Simulators.

This training length and structure can be customized for each customer individually, paying more attention to the areas where extra effort is required. However, the most common structure of the Simulator Assessment Preparation training at Airline Flight Academy would be as follows:

  • 4 hour online ZOOM briefing before coming to Dublin

  • 1 hour of pre-briefing

  • 2 hours of simulator training

Usually, we combine two or three students in one session, so each of them gets two extra PNF hours on top oh his/her PF hours.

Simulator Assessment Preparation: Service
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